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Ten Ten
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100 roads to #g-d: (Weiß nicht, was das ist, aber es klingt wichtig.)
001. Obtain the Internet.
002. Start using IRC.
003. Group and birth a site.
004. Experiment with research chemicals.
005. Design a three-step program.
006. Take a powerful stance for something positive and essential.
007. Regulate nothing.
008. Say that you have to move in two weeks, but stay for seven months. Come back a year later and do it all over again.
010. Relax, you’re already halfway there.
011. Just kidding.
012. Don’t think outside the box. - Build a box.
013. Support support.
014. Organize and go to parties and fairs.
015. Start 30–40 blogs about the same things.
016. Drain the private sector of coders, graphic artists and literati.
017. Create a prize that is awarded.
018. Express yourself often in the media, vaguely.
019. Spread all rumors.
020. Seek out and try carding, and travel by expensive trains. Don’t order sushi.
021. Start a radio station.
022. Everything you use, you can copy and give an arbitrary name, whether it’s a news portal, search engine or public service.
023. Buy a bus.
024. Install a MegaHAL.
025. Make sure that you are really good friends with people who can use Photoshop, HTML, databases, and the like.
026. Read a shitload of philosophy.
027. Give yourself cult status, and act accordingly.
028. Never aim.
029. Pick on everyone.
030. Invent or misuse Kopimi.
031. Do things together as a composition, not as a collective.
032. Make your advertising confusingly similar to that of established ventures.
033. Always act with intent.
034. Assert, in any context, that the establishment is lagging.
035. When criticized, blame others and refer to the cluster formation’s non-linear time-creating swarm hierarchy.
036. Send everything to all media, regardless of niche.
037. Start an anonymous confession venture.
038. Make babies and blog their upbringing.
039. Be sure to closely study and keep abreast with substances.
040. Participate in lively Internet discussions that don’t interest you.
041. Start at least three to four IRC channels about every project.
042. Fight and make up often.
043. Share files with anyone who wants them.
044. Deal often with humor sites.
045. Hang out with the Left, the Right, and the Libertarians.
046. See “23” in everything.
047. Flirt with money.
048. Be AFK very little.
049. Threaten large American culture corporations.
050. Broadcast radio from Skäggetorp.
051. Make a “100 list” for successful projects.
052. Be unsure what the list should be named.
053. Take upon yourself a lot of projects.
054. Make sure to be connected to technical, aesthetical, and philosophical people of world class competence.
055. Sleep over at each others houses regularly.
056. Publish a book about Kopimi.
057. At a trial, deny everything.
058. Cultivate unfounded myths and react to them.
059. Hack sites, e-mail accounts, and more.
060. Continuously mock and ridicule all aspects of copyright.
061. Create an Internet site where people can buy and sell votes in democratic elections.
062. Claim to be true, fair and satisfied.
063. Collect money for fraux’s trip to Iceland.
064. Confidently claim that all disconnected computers are broken.
065. Do NOT go to Kurdistan.
066. Make sure to thoroughly establish the claim that all hardware is overpriced.
067. Affirm all words and signs.
068. Mindfuck each other to appropriate extent.
069. Take care of small animals.
070. Create and spiritualize the concept of “Snel hest.”
071. Start and own a think-tank.
072. Deny magnetism.
073. Start a business school. Drop out.
074. Write press releases often.
075. Use IRC while in your underwear, and eat pizza.
076. Juggle with other people’s balls.
077. Ensure that there is no conclusive evidence of Ikko giving monki advertising money by means of volada’s helicopter.
078. Cause inflation and a global financial crisis.
079. Express yourself vaguely if anyone asks you, “How much is a bandwidth?”
080. Use “dynamic” to mean “completely out of control”.
081. Never mention Hotmail, MSN, or Windows.
082. Have all project meetings on IRC.
083. Claim to receive around 1256 e-mails a day.
084. Force a prosecutor to draw up several thousand pages of drivel.
085. Above all abstract everything.
086. Have a liberal vision of hell.
087. Consider yourself overly qualified for top positions in American film and music industries.
088. Create the world’s largest file-sharing service in a twinkling.
089. Attract international attention by accident.
090. Control the portal and opinion makers in all mediums.
091. Standardize and explain your way of doing things at all levels.
092. Have 3576 anonymous confessions on your hard drive. Including the authors’ IP addresses and personal information.
093. Preserve the Internet.
094. Mention the Internet as a source in serious discussions.
095. Rarely mention reasons for your IT elitism.
096. Dismiss expressions like “from farm to table” as superstition.
097. Follow the yellow fellow.
098. Skip the last points of your 100 point list.
099. Establish social services as a parody of antisocial services.
100. Start from scratch.
100. Be careful of burning kittens.
100. Write a book, but start with the back cover.
100. Use parables in abundance, preferably about “butter” and “snow”.
100. Stop using IRL. Use AFK instead.
100. Cultivate contacts within the powers of state intelligence services.
100. Always define “flat organization” arbitrarily, subjectively, and without common sense.
100. Upload.
100. Take over #g-d.
100. PROFIT.

Dragonadopters PiratesAssault
Werde Pirat und verschaff mir viel Gold! Very Happy
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ich wohne hier
ich wohne hier
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geht das auch in deutsch?^^...hab aber och keine ahnung was das sein soll wo hastes denn her?
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Ten Ten
Alter: 42
Angemeldet: 22.12.2008
Beiträge: 96
Wohnort: Unter deinem Bett! Mwuahahahaha!
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Ich bin hier darauf gestoßen.
(Nach dem Torrent brauchst du nicht extra zu suchen. Der wichtigste Text ist oben im Anfangsposting.)

Es sind "100" ( Wink ) Wege, um #g-d zu erreichen. Das sagt doch schon alles, oder? :p

Da es gerade frisch veröffentlicht wurde, sind Übersetzungen vermutlich schon in Arbeit, oder wenigstens schwer zu finden. Ich werde mich vielleicht mal morgen an eine Übersetzung machen. Hab jetzt aber weder Zeit noch Lust.

Dragonadopters PiratesAssault
Werde Pirat und verschaff mir viel Gold! Very Happy
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Das klingt sehr gut und bedeutet!

Besser mit Ehren sterben als mit Schanden leben. hulle6
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